Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Walking again!

The biggest news of the day is that Summer is back on her feet. She started out a little shaky and is still a tiny bit wobbly, but was walking really well today. We spent some time in the playroom and outdoor park here at the hospital.

She makes me EXTREMELY nervous because I can't bear the thought of her falling and bonking her head while it's in its current state. I'm convinced that they'll be treating both Jason and I for heart attacks before we leave this place. Me for paranoid attacks while Summer is moving around on her own, and Jason for the clogging his arteries must have experienced this last week after all the brownies and fried hospital food.

We met a number of new people today - from endocrinologists to physical therapists and a social worker. We learned that Summer's hormone functions look good (one is low since she's on steroids and will be re-tested later), and that we'll have physical therapy options available if she doesn't recover all of her motor functions on her own right away. I'm guessing, by the fact that she was running on her tip toes this afternoon, that we won't have much of an issue there.

The social worker is here to help all tumor patients and their families deal with what's going on and provide support in a number of ways. She'll follow up with us frequently and even makes house calls to meet with us during Summer's treatment and recovery.

The plan is still to find out more after the tumor board meets tomorrow afternoon, and it sounds like we'll be heading home on Thursday. I know Summer can't wait for that!

We continue to have loads of love and support from family and friends, which we really appreciate. The days go by so quickly here, and the visits we get are a big part of that.


  1. It was so fun to see her walking and playing last night! Hope you guys got some sleep!

  2. This is great news Jessica! I'm glad you will be coming home tomorrow. The social workers at Children's are great! We meet with them at least once a year for Alex and his diabetes.