Monday, May 3, 2010

Vision is 'normal' - YAY!!!

Summer saw the ophthalmologist today and we found out her vision is 20/63 - well within the normal range for a 19-month-old! 20/20 is far above the normal range for that age; 20/63 is in the upper third of the range identified as normal. They tested her while she had both eyes open, and will test each eye individually in a couple of months when we come back for a follow-up visit. Her eyesight may continue to improve between now and then, as her brain has a chance to recover from the surgery.

Nothing else new to report, really - her catheter is out, so she's not tied down at all. We went for a lot of walks around the hospital today to take advantage of that freedom. She's not too interested in walking herself just yet, but the remaining IV site is in her foot, so maybe that's not very comfortable for her.

She did stand up on her own for a little while in the hospital playroom to explore the train table. She was a bit unsteady on her feet at first - probably a combination of the drugs and the fact that she hasn't really used her legs for anything other than kicking away nurses in almost a week - but she managed.

We've had some fantastic nurses today. They've been super helpful and very considerate of Summer's stress-level. Not that the others haven't, but these ones have been especially great. I wish we could keep them until we leave.

Speaking of leaving, the doctors haven't given us an anticipated discharge date yet, but said in passing that hopefully tomorrow morning they'll begin taking steps to get us out of here. They've also hinted that we may be home before the tumor board meets, in which case we'll have to come back to find out what they have to say.

Can't wait to get Summer home where she can lay on our own couch with her Bubba.


  1. Sounds like lots of great news! I am so glad that Summer is continuing to do so well!

  2. This is great news Jessica! I'm so glad that Summer is getting better and better. I do hope you are able to go home in the next day or so. I know Summer will be so happy and glad to be back at her house lounging on the couch with Bubba! Kim :-)