Saturday, May 1, 2010

A good Saturday

Note: I lied - we can't get voicemail in the ICU. I checked my phone when I got out of the room for a few minutes, and it kept dinging over and over with all the text messages and voicemails. I loved reading and hearing from everyone, but I won't reply to all of them because I'd much rather be in the room with Summer, and I can't use my phone there. 

Summer was back to her old self for parts of the day today - playing peek-a-boo, how big is Summer? and tickling us with her cute little fake laugh. She got to watch a bit of Caillou today on the laptop, so she was very happy about that.

She asked for Jason to hold her several times, so I was up out of the recliner a bit more than yesterday. It is not a comfortable chair, so that is a very good thing! We had a steady stream of visitors today, which made the day go by really fast. Some got to see her completely alert and sitting up, while others only got to watch her sleep on Jason or I.

She was a little grumpy from time to time, understandably, but did well with Tylenol for most of the day and Oxycodone toward the end. The swelling seems to have reached its peak today and is now on its way down, but she's still quite puffy and can't open her right eye.

We had a little incident with the IV this morning where it slipped from her vein and her forearm/hand were flooded with the IV solution. It's not a big deal, especially since she had another live IV site they could use instead, but she had to deal with a puffy arm and hand for most of the day. It's mostly back to normal as I'm typing this.

She's had two IVs and an arterial line removed, so she's down to one IV site which is only being used every 6 hours for administering steroids, EKG monitors on her back, a Foley catheter and a toe monitor. It's nice to have fewer wires for her to get tangled up in.

The doctors are still really happy with her progress, and don't see anything wrong with her urine output or sodium levels. They said on Friday that we'd be moving today, but they figured they'd just keep her here and continue to watch her since the ICU is pretty empty. We will be staying in the ICU again tonight, but should be moving to a regular room tomorrow.


  1. Glad to hear she was back to her old self at times today! Can't wait to see Summer again tomorrow!

  2. Jessica,

    Our son Charlie had leukemia a few years ago and we spent plenty of time at Children's. We are praying for you and my heart goes out to you. I know lots of the feelings you're having and although I haven't met you, I know you're very brave because you have to be. YOu couldn't be in better hands. I'll keep praying God will meet you in your crisis and love you into His peace and comfort.

    -Jenni Butz (Mel's friend)

  3. Hello, Larson Family!
    So glad to hear more about Summer's progress. Give her another hug from me. She's braver than I am!
    You and Jason are such wonderful parents, she's so lucky to have you both to cuddle with.
    Lots of love to you three!