Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We were so excited to have Jason come for a visit! Summer tried her hardest to wait up for his arrival, but couldn't hold out past 12:05am. He got to our room around 12:30am Thursday, so she didn't miss him by much!

In the morning, I headed out solo (for the first time in a LONG time) over to the proton center to watch one of the Christopher's Haven families celebrate their final treatment and say goodbye since they were driving home straight from the final treatment. I missed Summer waking up to see Jason for the first time, but they were cuddled up in bed when I got back.

She was very happy to see him and show off all her new toys, and the wait for her Thursday morning appointment (they're always a little later because the anesthesia doctors do their rounds and aren't available until 10 or so) was easier than ever despite the machine running late. Jason went with us into the treatment room and finally got to meet the dancing turtle. I've heard we're allowed to take pictures in the treatment room, so I need to bring my camera over there one of these days and you all can see what it looks like in there.

We had a relaxing and fun few days with Jason, and it all went by way too fast! We had to take him over to the Museum of Science to see the dinosaurs and, of course, the rocks.
 (Sneaking a rare bite of actual food. Actual food = anything other than Doritos)

Jason also got to help open a few care packages:

Relaxing with Daddy:

On Jason's last night here, we took a trip over to Faneuil Hall. They have the mother of all food courts - the selection was amazing. We had fun just wandering around, looking at all the shops.
 (The only picture of the three of us from this trip, and Summer's not looking, Jason's blurry, oh well!)

Jason flew home on Sunday evening. It was hard to see him go! Summer slept through the train ride to the airport and the goodbyes. We tried to wake her up, but she was out cold. It made it a little easier on me not to see her get upset by him walking away, but she was very confused when she woke up and he wasn't there anymore. Even this morning, she woke up while I was in the shower and came running into the bathroom calling "Daddy?" because she thought Jason was here. 

Thankfully, he comes back on the 24th, so we won't have to go as long without seeing him this time. Thanks, Uncle Steve, for Jason's plane tickets on this trip, and Uncle Jimmy for the next set!

Since Jason left, it's been back to the daily routine. Summer had an MRI this afternoon, so I'll post again tomorrow to let you all know what it shows. It was another HASTE MRI, without anesthesia, and she did great. I had asked for an anesthesia MRI this time since it is pretty stressful for her when they do these longer scans (5-7 minutes), but since she has a cold they don't want to put her under anesthesia twice in one day. She barely cried at all this time, so I think she's getting pretty used to it.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We sure did.
And since that was such a cheese-ball smile, here's a nice one from Valentine's Day:

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  1. Another great blog, Jessica, with wonderful photos. It will be so nice to have you all back home again. It's not much longer now. The glasses look very good on you, Jason. I hope the last two weeks go by really fast. Love to you all.