Saturday, February 12, 2011

Anxiously awaiting Jason's arrival

After Grammy and Papa left, we were back to the normal daily routine - treatment, attempting to get naps in, work, etc. We had no appointments other than treatment this week, so there isn't really anything new to report about the medical side of things.

Summer continues to handle the treatments well, and is now completely used to the daily process. The only real side effects we've encountered at this point are frequent low-grade fevers and a loss of appetite. On most days, she'll nibble throughout the day - a couple of bites here and there - but she really hasn't been eating anything of substance. Her main source of nutrients at this point is yogurt smoothies from Whole Foods. She usually drinks two 6oz bottles a day.

The dietitian at the proton center recommended kids' Boost drinks, which are a calorie intensive drink, and gave us some samples. Summer hasn't really been interested in them though, and I don't blame her - they're not very good at all.

I've completely given up on gluten-free in this past week and will allow her to eat WHATEVER she wants just to get something in her tummy. Mostly she wants very sugary or salty things. The nurses were very excited to see her eat some chocolates she was given as a valentine the other morning, and it's a very odd thing to be so happy that my kid is eating a ton of junk food. Normally I'd be cringing, but that's 220 calories right there!

Summer continues to get wonderful care packages and valentines from all over. This week, she received a cute little Madeline doll and book from Jason's grandma's cousin Carol in Arizona. I'm not sure if you're aware, but apparently Madeline changed her name to Madison. Summer insists on it. I've given up arguing, and call her Madison now too.

She also received some fun valentines goodies from all over - thank you to everyone! Summer is loving all the mail, and the kindness of strangers continues to amaze me. I'm going to have to take a picture of her swimming in her pile of valentines sometime next week.
A very talented dog named Bandit made this beautiful banner for Summer. Can't wait to hang it in her bedroom, but for now it's gracing our mirror here at Christopher's Haven. Thanks Bandit (and family)!

We spent the week eagerly awaiting Jason's arrival, and kept ourselves busy hanging out with the Christopher's Haven group. We've said few goodbyes this week, as three families finished treatment and headed home. It's a happy kind of sad.

Peter, Pam and Pete...
Nayider, Kamilah and Christian...
and Baby Ellie

We enjoyed spending the last few weeks with all of you! We'll miss you around here, but we're glad to know you're home and on to the next thing. Best of luck, and keep in touch!

As Kamilah would say,"YAAAAAAAAAY!"

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