Friday, February 25, 2011

The big day!

Last night, we picked Jason up from the airport. He flew back out to Boston (thanks Uncle Jimmy!) to be here for Summer's last treatment and help us get back home.

Here's Summer patiently waiting for him at baggage claim:

She didn't spot him in the crowd of people, but once I pointed him out, she jumped out of the stroller and ran to meet him.

Today, Summer finished her final radiation treatment. Her last session this morning went well, and she was in good spirits for her bell ringing. I managed to keep the tears in check, which is quite a feat since I could barely keep from crying when complete strangers would ring the bell. It's a very simple, but emotional thing.

Below are some photos from the last day, and a video of the bell ringing toward the end of the post.

Summer's last day happened to also be a Toy Friday. This is the toy cabinet she got to choose a toy from each Friday. Nurse Rachel, who usually sets it all up, was on vacation, so it's a little less organized than usual but Summer didn't care one bit. Today she chose a giant coloring book.

When we walked into the prep/recovery room, there was a surprise waiting for Summer. Her bed was decorated with a congratulations banner and gifts:

This lucky girl gets to take home her very own monkey puppet, which was one of her favorite toys to play with each day:

After Summer woke up from treatment, we went out to ring the bell. She was pretty anxious to do it - she's been talking about it a lot since she saw Casey ring the bell on Wednesday.

We'll head back over to the proton center on Monday to say goodbye to Nurse Rachel, but Summer couldn't leave today without saying goodbye to Dr Nick, her favorite anesthesiologist:

I don't think it's really hit that she's done, but maybe by the time we get home on Tuesday night. We'll see.

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