Friday, September 17, 2010

Photos and treatment

We had a photo session with Keri Meyers Photography this morning. She did an amazing job! Summer was feeling better than yesterday, but still wasn't exactly cooperative. Keri managed to get some great shots anyway. She's so very talented! Visit the Keri Meyers Photography blog to see the sneak peek.

Also, make sure to enter the drawing for a session with Keri by making a donation to the Run of Hope page for Team Summer - rules and more details here.

Summer also had her second Interferon treatment today. It was pretty much the same deal as yesterday (including the waiting...but they're working on better timing for future sessions), except they withdrew only as much fluid as they replaced with Interferon.

Summer's doing well so far tonight, but she's starting to get a bit of a fever again. Hopefully her recovery will be as quick as the last time. We've got a busy weekend ahead, preparing for her birthday party on Sunday. Hopefully the weather forecast is wrong because the party is at the least we have a shelter.

I probably won't post after each session, simply because there's nothing really new to say each time. I'll just give updates to check in every once in a while and as new information becomes available.

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