Thursday, September 23, 2010

Interferon treatment update

I don't really have much new to report, but thought I'd check in now that Summer has had four interferon treatments.

This Monday's appointment was challenging - it was the first time I was able to tell Summer was in pain from the procedure. Ironically, it was also the first (and only) time we tried to use the numbing cream. So much for that helping her get through it.

Luckily, the whole thing was over very quickly. She was not in pain as soon as they were done and her reaction to the injection was even more mild than it's been in the past.

Even so, I was a bit more nervous going in for the appointment yesterday because I was afraid she'd be in pain again. This time it was Dr. Geyer performing the procedure (the two before that were with Dr. Leary), and I think Summer was a little more relaxed since she knows him better, but she was still a bit crabby from being woken up early.

The procedure went very smoothly. Summer cried for less than 30 seconds after the initial needle poke, and then was quite the rest of the time, quite content to watch Sesame Street while the procedure was going on. I think it helped that Dr. Geyer didn't have an assistant come with him to help hold Summer, so she didn't have the added stress of someone she didn't know trying to help hold her still.

We met the pharmacist who is the gate-keeper for the Interferon at Childrens, and we learned the reason they don't have the fluid ready before we get there. We had assumed that it had to be used within a certain timeframe of being mixed, but actually it's because it costs more than her car. And not a 10 year old, worthless car either...a 2006 Honda Accord. That's crazy! The insurance company must really love us now... :)

The pharmacist gave us her direct number so we can call her when we're en route to the hospital, and she'll start getting it ready then so we won't have to wait at all once we get there. They just don't want to throw away that much money if we end up canceling the appointment at the last minute. I certainly don't blame them!

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  1. Praying for you guys especially as the Run of Hope is nearing. With Love, The Wagners