Thursday, September 22, 2011

Growth hormone update

Summer's growth hormone results finally came back and the numbers were low, as expected, so we are moving forward with the growth hormone process. It sounds like it's pretty much a done deal other than the hoops we're required to jump through to get insurance company approval.

The endocrinologist knew of one additional test the insurance company would require at this point, a growth hormone stimulation test, which I just scheduled for November 10th (the earliest available!). The test will be similar to the cortisol stim tests she's had before - they'll inject a medication to stimulate growth hormone production and then draw blood at several intervals to measure her body's response. The tests can range from 1.5 to 5.5 hours, depending on the stimulating agent they use, and the scheduler wasn't sure which one applies for Summer. Let's hope 1.5 hours...

After that test, assuming the results still indicate we should move forward, we'll hopefully get approval from the insurance company and Summer will start growth hormone about a month and a half later. The growth hormone will help her body grow properly, but it also has other benefits. Most people report that it helps with energy levels (like Summer really needs any help in that area...), and it's also expected to increase her strength and help with progress in motor development. It's certainly worth it, but we're definitely not looking forward to the daily injection it will require!

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