Monday, April 18, 2011

Great MRI today

Summer had a HASTE MRI this morning. Jason went in with her for the scan, and she didn't enjoy being strapped down to the table but calmed down as soon as the machine started going. The scans at Childrens are SO much faster than the ones in Boston - 10 seconds, vs 5-7 minutes - so it's much easier to get through.

We saw the neurosurgery nurse practitioner immediately afterward to have her shunt magnetically reprogrammed, and she told us the scan looked great.

After picking up the obligatory lollipop at the gift shop, we met with the oncology Nurse Practitioner, Cory, to review the images in detail. The cyst looks nice and small, and her ventricles are now a normal size for her age; they were compressed previously because the cyst was pushing everything around in her head.

I always feel a little awkward asking for scans before they're "due," but Cory was very reassuring. She gets that we've been through one heck of a year and that we're going to be a bit overly cautious until we've had a few of these good ones under our belts. It was such a relief to have a peek at what's going on in there!

Summer will have a full MRI on June 2nd (6 weeks out) to check in again. Assuming no complications before then, that means we have a six week vacation from doctor's visits! That might very well be the longest break we've had in a year.


  1. Praise GOD! Enjoy your "SUMMER" break! :)

  2. I second that! That's so good to hear. Love to you all.

  3. So glad to hear it! Yay for a doctor break. :)