Tuesday, December 28, 2010

20" of snow can sure ruin your travel plans...

The blizzard that hit the east coast Sunday and Monday resulted in our Monday morning flight being canceled. After an hour and a half on hold with Alaska Airlines, I got a call from Jason's mom who had been able to get through on the travel agent line quite quickly. Because of all the cancellations that happened before ours, the earliest flight we could get out would have been a red-eye (with a layover, if I remember correctly) on Wednesday night that would have gotten us to Boston part-way through our last day of appointments. Otherwise, there was nothing until Friday.

After some email exchanges with the coordinator at Massachusetts General who, thankfully, was working from home, we decided to reschedule everything for next week. We don't have the final schedule of appointments yet, but we'll be flying out on Saturday the 1st, coming home the evening of Friday the 7th.

Unfortunately, this delay pushes everything back. Her new radiation start date will be January 18th (originally January 11th), with her final treatment date around the 1st of March. We had some appointments here next week and in the last week of February that I'm now working to reschedule. I am also waiting for confirmation from Christopher's Haven on whether this will put our spot there in jeopardy or not. Feels like we're back to square one with planning...hopefully I'll know more soon.

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