Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ophthalmology appointment and the waiting game

Summer's ophthalmology appointment was this morning. Summer was not exactly in a mood to put up with their tests, but they at least got some of what they needed. She's really not a morning person. No idea where she got that from... ;)

Now that she's a bit older, they use a different test to check her visual acuity--how well she sees when she's focused on something. This was more like the standard eye chart test, but with pictures instead of letters and only one appearing on the screen at a time.

She refused to let them test each eye individually, but with both eyes together she got up to 20/50 before giving up--not, I don't think, because she couldn't see the shapes, but because she was cranky and frustrated.

Even 20/50 is an improvement from her last eye exam, and well within the normal range for her age. I'm guessing her vision is even a little better than that.

They dilated her eyes and could see no swelling on the optic nerve that would indicate pressure from the cyst, so that's good. As before, the nerves showed a little pallor which indicates some damage, so unfortunately they haven't magically repaired themselves. Her left eye appears to be slightly worse than the right.

They asked us to come in in two weeks for another eye exam when she's (hopefully) feeling a little more co-operative, and they sent us home with a few eye patches and a chart to practice with.

We also received a call from HemeOnc to cancel our appointment with Dr Geyer tomorrow afternoon. He wanted more time to talk to the different providers in more depth after Tumor Board, so he's going to call us Thursday morning instead.

The scheduler also mentioned that they are waiting for the HASTE MRI results too, so although she didn't come out and say it, I got the distinct impression that we should expect much in the way of a firm plan when we do talk to Dr Geyer on Thursday morning.

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