Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 months post-op!

How fast time flies!

I can't believe Summer is three months post-op today. Then again, some days it seems like it all happened ages ago.

No major news to report - we're still dealing with a bit of random moodiness and crankiness, especially when routines are broken or on very active days. The fatigue-laden days are a thing of the past (knock on wood!). We haven't been able to get any definitive answers on why any of that is/was happening. It could be simply that she's almost two!

For the past few weeks, Summer's sleep patterns have been seriously disrupted - apparently this is a common complaint for Craniopharyngioma patients. She wakes up frequently, about three times a night on average, and is completely wide awake. I'll hear "Mama! Mom! Ya hear me? Come get me!" in a far-too-cheerful voice over the baby monitor. She's very polite in the middle of the night though, always asking for a "bottle, please" or "Monsters, please." If only we could get her to remember those manners during the day!

In fact, we had an hour-long (no joke!) tantrum the other day when she refused to say please in demanding her binky. 10 minutes in, I realized I couldn't give in or we'd be paying for it for years, so she screamed for an hour before finally getting it herself. Poor little thing had a sore throat the rest of the day. I wonder where she got that stubbornness from? ;)

Obviously, she continues to be quite spunky. Lately, she has taken to kicking Jason and I out of her room so she can play by herself. If I follow her in there, she'll open the door and say 'Go Mama. Go first.' and shoo me out the door so she can close it behind me. The teenage years don't seem so far away when she does things like that!

We're anxiously awaiting her next MRI on August 11th, and will post an update with results that afternoon.

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